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Rapid Plans For jenelle evans Guidelines

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Posted on: March 5, 2012 10:01 pm Score: 91 Log in to rate: Log in to rate: Log in to rate: 2012 NFL Franchise Tags: Winners and losers Peyton manning is done he will not be anything like he was before if he plays just another joe namath in los angeles , unitas in san diego ,archie manning in minnesota , joe kapp in new england . Montana in kansas city how to partition a hard drive. You can go on and on great quaterbacks never know when it is time.

Yesterday marked the first day NFL teams could place the franchise tag on free agents to be. If tagged by March 5, those players wont be available on the open market, which gives a much clearer picture of free agency, which officially starts March 13. Traditionally, the franchise tag paid a player the average of the top five salaries at his position. But terms in the new collective bargaining agreement have changed that formula. Going forward, the franchise tender for each position arises from a formula that takes the value of franchise tags for the last five years, adds them up, divides them by the total value of the salary cap for the last five years, and multiplies the resulting percentage by the salary cap for the current year. Since there was no salary cap in 2010, the number to be used will be the average of the salary cap in 2009 and 2011. This means that across the board, the 2012 tag salaries are down significantly from 2011, making it more likely teams will be applying the tag. Here are the 2012 franchise tag salaries by position: Quarterback: $14. 4 million (down from $16. 1 million in 2011, $16. 4 million in 2010) deleted files recovery.

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